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Welcome to ENT & SKIN allergy holistic care

About Our Approach

We think ENT and allergic Skin issues are all from the blockage in facial or skin area. When there are imbalance by the blockage in the body, Yang (warm energy) going upward or outside of body while Yin (cold energy) downward or stay inside of body. The outward or upward energy movement bring up the turbid fluid together toward head or skin area, and cause congestion in facial area or skin rashes and itchiness in skin. we are aiming at the removal of congestion firt and rebalance of five organs for restoring your health.


Initially, we do Holistic consultation first. Holistic consultation means screening whole body rather than issued part of the body. After Treatment (removing the blockage), we regain Balance of your body, Boost your immunity, and help you to do Self management of your issues.

Fur Particles Allergy

Steps forward to health

Goal to self management

Holistic Consultation

We hear all the signs and symptoms from you, history, pulse taking, tongue diagnosis, palpation, etc. We will suggest you the diagnosis and explain why and how the your issues were presented. At the same time we suggest you the treatment plans.

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Acupuncture Treatment


ENT and allergic issues require constant and continuous treatment. we use mainly acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, sometimes external applications. We do the local area treatment as well as rebalance of related organs, which is essential to root of the issue treatment.

Boost your immunity

After recovering from issues, the key to maintain self management of your health is strengthening your immunity. We supply herbal medicine for boosting energy, blood, Jng (pure essence), and advices about dietary, life style, stress management so tha that you can prevent the recurrence of the issues.

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Making Self-Care Habits

You cannot rely on the treatment forever. You need to do self management your health so as not to have similar issue. Most of disease arise from excessive emotional movement, dietary habit, working habit, and etc. We will give you the necessary advices about the habit, from which, we guess, you get the issue.

  • 30 min

    150 Australian dollars
Colorful Food

ENT & SKiN allergy issue from Oriental medicine point of view

Different view, Different Solution

WE think most of ENT and Skin allergy issue arise from the blockage in head area or skin. The blockage consist of Qi, blood stagnation and dampness based on underlying cold energy, turbid fluid retention, empty pathogenic heat in addition to the fundamental imbalance of body energy. It is not enough just oppressing the signs and symptoms only without the removal of the blockage. You may get the recurring signs and symptoms when the conditions get worse.

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